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What you need to know about High Blood pressure(Hypertension) and Diabetes:

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Hypertension and type 2 diabetes are both aspects of metabolic syndrome, a condition that includes obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Both hypertension and diabetes may have some underlying causes in common, and they share some risk factors. They also contribute to a worsening of each other's symptoms. The ways of managing both conditions also overlap. Some relatively simple tests can show if a person has diabetes or hypertension. People can also buy blood glucose testing kits for diabetes and blood pressure monitors for blood pressure, which they can use at home.

Hypertension and diabetes often occur together, and they appear to share some risk factors and causes. Lifestyle adjustments can help control blood pressure and blood sugar levels, but most people will need to follow a treatment plan for life.

A doctor will prepare a treatment plan with the individual, who must stay in touch with their healthcare team and check in with a healthcare professional if they believe they need to adjust their treatment.

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Medically reviewed by Maria Prelipcean, M.D. on May 28, 2019 — Written by Lana Barhum

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