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What you need to know about High blood pressure and diabetes

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

High blood pressure (hypertension) can lead to many complications of diabetes, including diabetic eye disease and kidney disease, or make them worse. Most people with diabetes will eventually have high blood pressure, along with other heart and circulation problems.

Diabetes damages arteries and makes them targets for hardening, called atherosclerosis. That can cause high blood pressure, which if not treated, can lead to trouble including blood vessel damage, heart attack, and kidney failure.

Compared to those with normal blood pressure readings, people with hypertension more often have:

Coronary artery disease or heart diseaseStrokesPeripheral vascular disease, hardening of the arteries in the legs and feetHeart failure

Even blood pressure that's at the higher end of normal (120/80 to 129/80), called elevated, impacts your health. Studies show that you have a two to three times greater chance of getting heart disease over 10 years.

What Should Your Blood Pressure Be?

Readings vary, but most people with diabetes should have a blood pressure of no more than 130/80.

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